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KAL Octopush

KAL Octopush

Octopush or underwater hockey is played on the bottom of a swimming pool. A team of 6 players work together to score goals by pushing a heavy puck into a gulley at one end of the pool. There are 4 available subs who can swap in and out at any point in the game.  Games are usually  played 10 minutes each way changing ends at half time. It is a lot harder to defend the deep end and push the puck uphill.  It is a very fast team sport and players must support each other as they run out of breath. Players wear mask, fins and a snorkel. They also have a small bat and wear a glove and a coloured hat to denote their team. 

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Batley STC
Categories: Swim, Juniors, Teens, Adults, Pay & Play